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What Is Hot Tar Roofing?

Find out what is hot tar roofing and how it works from your friends in Top View Roofing Oklahoma!

Roof Siding

Vinyl Siding 
Vinyl siding is plastic exterior cladding for a house, used for decoration and weather proofing as an alternative to traditional wood siding or other materials. It is an engineered product, manufactured primarily from polyvinyl chloride. It is often choice of homeowners who want to improve the looks of their home without painting. Several benefits of vinyl siding are durable, long last, inexpensive and easy to maintain.
Durability: Vinyl siding is proven durable and last for a very long time. It is resistant to most weather conditions without worry of severe damage and can withstand years of sunlight without fading.
Maintenance: Vinyl siding is very easy when it comes to maintenance because it never fades from the elements. Consider these: the only regular maintenance of it is to be spray washed once or twice a year.
Affordability: Choosing of type of siding, cost likely will be a factor. Vinyl siding is at the top of the list in its low cost in terms of product and installation, aside from its many advantageous features. One reason for vinyl siding's affordability compared to some of its competitors is it's easy and quick to install. It also doesn't require the additional cost and labor of painting or staining, like wood, fiber cement and stucco do. It can be cost effective also because there is no need in repainting and repairing. Others also believe that vinyl siding can help reduce energy bills by serving as an extra layer of insulation.
Looks: Vinyl siding comes in many grains and colors to suit most homes. The good news about newer siding is that the color is baked through the vinyl instead of applied. This means that the color stays true over a long period of time and will not show scratches or small imperfections. While vinyl siding is becoming more popular, there are many misconceptions about siding. Some of those misconceptions are that siding is indestructible and maintenance free. This is not always true. There are some precautions to be aware of before choosing vinyl siding.

Cedar Siding

Cedar is a wood with exceptional beauty. Naturally, it has a richly textured, tactile grain combined with a palette of warm, mellow tones ranging from light amber to deep honey brown. This is definitely a beautiful way to finish your home exterior. However, before choosing the cedar wood siding you have to make sure that you have a fully understanding about the whole information including benefits and challenges of cedar wood siding.
Cedar has many advantages than other choices of sidings. Consider some of these advantages:
Cedar has been known as a durable building material. Cedar wood has natural oil that helps protect the wood against from rot, decay, and insects. It tends to be about 80% as strong with antibacterial and fungal resistance that keeps away also moths therefore there is no need to treat chemical in order to last. It is also stable that never buckles or curls. With proper maintenance, cedar siding will last for years to come and will age gracefully.
Environmentally friendly
According to studies, Cedar wood is the most environmentally friendly. Harmless to environment because when it reached the end of its useful life, cedar siding is 100% biodegradable.
Acoustic properties
Cedar wood has the capacity to dampen sound vibrations. Sound energy change into heat energy through the cellular interlocking pores found in the wood. It can be used to lessen noise and confine it to particular areas.
Other Cedar Siding Considerations:
Cedar siding meet challenges also. There are several things to consider if it is the right choice of siding:
In order to keep cedar’s original beauty, inspection and maintenance is a must on a regular basis. Resurfacing cedar siding may need to take place as often as every 3 to 5 years depending on environmental factors.
Fire considerations:
As wood siding, cedar siding has a risk of fire damage however, it has a minimum risk than other wood siding.
The very downside of cedar siding is the material cost. It is on average about 25% higher compared to standard materials. When it comes to installation, it is very time consuming which is one of the factors that will automatically add up the price.
However, in the end, if you decide to use cedar shingles into your walls, no matter how difficult is in your pocketbook or your nerves, you’re sure to have a lovely looking place.

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How To: Flat Roofing

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Deck Preparation

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Four Common Roofing Problems

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

The wattage rating tells how much electricity a bulb uses, not how bright it is. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a bright idea. They use less electricity and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Standard incandescent bulbs use only 5 to 8 percent of their energy to produce light. The rest is dissipated as heat. There are many other devices that can help save energy on lighting such as automatic timers, motion sensors and dimmers.

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Roofing Inspection for Metal Roof

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Cedar Shake Roofing Benefits

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